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Video Production for your Business.

Marketability, Customer engagement, Click through rates, and Short attention spans. We definitely understand the market of marketing. In the current world of Social Media, And instant gratification there is something to be said for being highly creative. Lets talk about what your company needs are and the struggles you face.

  Most people spend a lot of time thinking about how to market their small or medium sized business. How can I generate traffic to my website? How can I make people find my business in a city of hundreds of other companies who do the same thing as I do? The reality is there are several ways you can achieve a high level of success for your business and its marketing needs. The problem is finding people who can help you achieve it can be a painstaking job. So you want to learn yourself?

  One of the most important ways to bring solid returns on your business is to use visual tools such as high-end photos and Video Production. This doesn't mean throw some food on a plate and take a photo of it. or shoot a video in the alley behind your business that stars your employees. Granted there are ways to make videos like that highly viewed. It takes a lot of effort to produce high-end photo and video production that is engaging. just as this article offers tips and tricks to gain a higher interest in your company you need to take the time to craft something your customers would want. whether its food or adult novelties it is important how you present it all to your potential customers.

  Mc Donald's, Arby's, and many other companies pay specialized people to build and plate their food in order to be able to shoot a video or a photo of the food that not only looks appealing but makes customers want their product. Companies also pay very high-end video production companies to produce videos that are appealing and entertaining to their customers. The question with all of these methods are what it is you want your customers to see? and will your customers care once you've shown them what you do? That is the most difficult part of the process (we will explore more of this in another article) but it comes down to putting yourself in the customers' shoes.

  Video Production is a skilled process in which it takes years to achieve all the abilities to create a video that is clean, clear, with proper colors and has been exposed correctly. Then you must be able to shoot exactly what you need to achieve the desired results. Lastly the ability to Edit and Color Grade the Video footage in order to achieve the proper look. All of this is involved in the whole process and is part of the big picture, the reason we're creating a video is to achieve some sort of goal. Whether it be to show a How-To, Tell a story, or to engage and excite potential customers when they see a video. Your goal is to create imagery that makes a customer want to engage or in other words, makes them excited to see this product in person.

  Say for example I have a brand of Climbing shoes. Now I know that tons of people have climbing shoes. I also know that I will have to compete with brands who have a very large budget for marketing and Video production. So how do I compete with that? Well, First I have to know what sets my product apart from those products with high budgets. And to be honest, if I don't know then I need to create a reason. If your company gives 5% of proceeds to the national pediatrists Association then that's something. Not a great something, but it is better than nothing. So what else can I do? Create a calling that speaks to a specific group of people. Make your brand scream to those people because you support them, you are with them, and you are them.

  Whether it be an LGBT movement designed for those people in that specific targeted market or women who climb because in life we've all had to overcome obstacles and that's what we do. we climb because in life we refuse to stay down and our brand supports your rise to greatness or just as an amazing mom who aspires to be the best she can be and climb those beautiful crags all the way to old age. We've got to capture the emotional appeal for our brand. make them want it because we know what its like to be women. we love them, we support them, we are them.

  Now that we have our message how do we take that into Video Production and make it look how reading it makes us feel? first, we have to think about how our video needs to be shot. We need to create a script as to how we see the video going. then we have to create a storyboard. which is a set of pictures that we use to show our video team exactly how we want to see the things on screen. This enables the video production team to be able to shoot everything we need in order to get the editor exactly what he needs to make our vision come to life.

  Now, I could walk you through the process of the film set and how it is all set up and shot. but its more important to help you understand that as long as you know what you want then most video production companies can shoot it for you. we don't need to spend huge amounts of money to achieve the same or better results as a big company. We all know that we've seen terrible commercials from big companies. So its important that your message, your ideas, and your script enable the video team to capture the feelings you are trying to produce for your potential customers and how you want them to view your brand. I am going to do a 5 part piece on this topic so not only our clients will understand the process. But also to help others out there who don't have a lot of direction for themselves and their business.

Till next time,